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GenXPro GmbH was founded in 2005 by molecular biologists of the Universities Circle_of_Techs_GenXProof Frankfurt and Paris. Our team consists of molecular biologists, chemists and bioinformaticians dedicated to provide the best Next Generation Sequencing and qPCR solutions and comprehensive data-analysis for quick and convenient access to the relevant information in your data. Our service is open to any sample, be it tissue,  DNA or RNA or even raw-NGS data: we will help you to get the best out of it.  Our portfolio comprises a large spectrum of techniques for the extraction of nucleotides, analysis of DNA, its methylation, as well as coding and non coding RNA and sophisticated bioinformatics solutions. In 2008, we invented “TrueQuant” a technique to avoid PCR-introduced bias, a major problem of all sequence-based quantitative data. Besides the standard NGS techniques like RNA-Seq, smallRNA-Seq, Methyl-Seq we offer “MACE” (Massive Analysis of cDNA Ends) a powerful and cost-efficient technique that implies the “TrueQuant” method for the analysis of gene expression, alternative poly-Adenylation, allele-frequencies and for genotyping even of small amounts (e.g. from liquid biopsies) and degraded RNA, such as from FFPE samples.

We are constantly improving the sample preparation methods and bioinformatics pipelines to provide the best possible data from nucleotides of all kinds of tissues and body fluids including urine, blood and circulating cells.

Our customers are from all fields of life sciences but mainly with a medical and agricultural background.

With a team of bioinformaticians and data scientists we design individual solutions and apply the most advanced software available for standard applications using our powerful CPU cluster. Our  know-how is currently transferred into pipelines for precision medicine, to provide the best possible treatment in cancer, combining DNA and RNA-data.

We are mourning the death of our friend, mentor, brilliant scientist and teacher Prof. Dr. Günter Kahl, who passed away in July 2015.

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We  are located in the Frankfurter Innovationszentrum (FIZ)  in Frankfurt am Main in the heart of the flourishing Rhein-Main area in Germany.