The MACE-Kit: 10 years of experience for your lab!mace_kit_genxpro_ruo_small

High Resolution Gene Expression at only 10% of  RNA-Seq costs

Our highly successful MACE-service is now also available as a kit. It contains all ingredients to perform MACE including the TrueQuant method to avoid PCR-bias, for the generation of qualitative and quantitative accurate data on any Illumina Sequening Machine. No other technique allows a similar cost-efficiency and accuracy as MACE, for gene expression profiling, genotyping in transcripts, allele frequency determination and the analysis of alternative polyadenylation.

Bioinformatics ? Just add it!

The MACE kit comes with bioinformatics-vouchers for a convenient analysis of the data on our servers.  As MACE data have some specificities, we have developed an optimized analysis pipeline that you can access using the vouchers. Simply upload your data using the provided voucher-codes to our servers. We provide complete result-tables compatible with Excel as well as plots of your data and  Gene Ontology enrichment analyses. The raw and the refined data is accessible via our easily understandable web interface at

Further bioinformatics analyses are possible e.g. SNP-analysis, alternative polyadenylation or allele frequency determination (see Bioinformatics)

Therefore you do not need bioinformatians nor special hardware for the detailed analysis of the complex data.

Analyse 6 samples simultaneously on the MiSeq or 96 samples on a HiSeq or NextSeq!

The kit is available as 6x MACE version for up to 6 MACE libraries on the Illumina MiSeq platform and a 24x version for the Illumina HiSeq or NextSeq.

With further indices, several kits can also be combined for example to reach 4×24 samples.


Kit for MiSeq (Illumina), Single End Sequencing

6x Kit:                                                             390.00 EUR (cat. no. 16046.1)

Bioinformatics voucher 6x:                        360.00 EUR (cat. no.16046.2)

Kit for HiSeq or NextSeq (Illumina), Single End Sequencing

24x Kit:                                                           1,320.00 EUR (cat. no.160424.1)

Bioinformatics voucher 24x*:                    1,080.00 EUR (cat. no.160424.2)

Additional adapter set to combine up to four kits: 160.00 EUR (cat. no.160424.3)

(All prices without tax)

*the bioinformatics is limited to model organisms and includes annotation, quantification, differential gene expression (DE) analyses of pairwise comparisons (p-values for DE, log 2 Fold Changes) and GO enrichment analyses in our MACE cloud server. Data is accessible as downloadble .xls table and through our web interface at

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The MACE-kit is for research use only.