Besides our service activities, we are also involved in several research projects to broaden our spectrum of techniques and know how within very different fileds of life sciences. We are currently members of the following research consortia:



Training and research in Listeria monocytogenes adaptation through proteomic and transcriptome deep sequencing analysis

Triple-T: Rationalized Tailored Targeted Therapy (Eurostars)

3-T combines the expertise of the University Medical Center Groningen, GenXPro GmbH and PamGene International BV in genomic and kinase activity profiling to provide doctors and patients with reliable information on druggable and drug-resistance pathways of individual lung tumors. 3-T establishes conceptual and technical innovations that will enable clinicians to rationally choose the best suited treatment for an individual patient with otherwise therapy resistant tumors. First results demonstrate the uniqueness of tumors and underpin the validity of the concept which can be extended also to other cancers





Spot-ITN: Solanaceae Thermo Tolerance