smallRNA / miRNA Seq Analysis

By high-throughput sequencing and quantifying millions of miRNA molecules, we provide highly accurate measurements of microRNAs of any biological sample, with much higher sensitivity than arrays.

Our technology (sample preparation and “TrueQuant“) effectively reduces ligation-bias and PCR-bias observed in other protocols. Our TrueQuant PCR bias elimnation is especially useful for smallRNA analysis, as the number of different molecules is limited.


  • Annotation to existing databases (e.g.miRBase)
  • Interaction network analysis of miRNAs and target transcripts (optional)

Required Material: 5 microgram of total RNA including microRNAs (please inquire for appropriate protocol) or appropriate amount of sample tissue

Results: 5-20 Million of quantified and annotated microRNA species

Small amounts

We have developed an optimzed protocol for small amounts of material. Because we can eliminate PCR-bias thanks to our “TrueQuant” method, the data remains more accurate even at higher numbers of PCR cycles.

Required material:  10-100 ng of total RNA or the corresponding amount of fresh material. Please contact us for further information at or give us a call at +49 69 95739710.


besides NGS-based smallRNA Analysis we also offer qPCR solutions for smallRNA.