TrueQuant SmallRNA Seq Kit

The GenXPro small RNA sequencing kit (v1.0) can be used to prepare small RNA libraries to be sequenced on Illumina® NGS instruments starting with 1 to 500 ng of total RNA or purified small RNA.

The library preparation methodology used in this kit allows an accurate identification and quantification of microRNAs, piRNAs and other small RNAs.

Simple single Tube Protocol, Gel free!

The entire workflow is occuring in a single tube. This minimizes losses and increases the efficiency tremendously.  Even 0.1 ng of total RNA can be sufficient input material for library preparation.

TrueQuant Technology

GenXPro small RNA sequencing kit applies the proprietary TrueQuant Technology that eliminates PCR-derived copies from the generated gene expression data. Following sequencing of the adaptor-ligated and PCR-amplified libraries, only the sequence with highest quality of each TrueQuant adapter plus template-sequence combination are maintained.

Liquid Biopsies from only 200 µl of Plasma

our protocol allows to generate smallRNA-Seq profiles from down to 200 µl of plasma.

Principle and Procedure

Starting with DNase-treated and quality-controlled total RNA, adapters are ligated to both ends of the smallRNA, reverse transcribed and the final libraries are ready for sequencing on any of the Illumina MiniSeq, MiSeq, HiSeq, and NextSeq platforms. The present kit allows for multiplexing of up to 8 samples.


Kit for MiSeq,  HiSeq or NextSeq (Illumina), Single End Sequencing

8 x Kit:                                                             720,00 EUR (cat. no. 16047.1)

Bioinformatics voucher 8 x:                        320,00 EUR (cat. no.16047.2 )

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