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By combining intelligent sample preparation with latest next generation sequencing methods, we analyse transcriptomes, genomes and epigenomes at highest resolution.

Our service comprises project planning, consulting, sample preparation, sequencing and bioinformatics.

In 2008 we invented “TrueQuant” – applying unique molecule identifiers for PCR bias reduction of NGS data.

Thanks to many years of experience with deep sequencing, we have accumulated vast knowledge in low-bias sample preparation of all kinds of different biological samples and provide appropriate data analyses solutions for all areas of life sciences.

Our team of bioinformaticians apply the most advanced methods and designs individual solutions to handle the data on our powerful CPU clusters in order to provide the optimal analysis pipelines for your data.

Data is delivered in a ready-to-use format and includes quality information, quantification, annotation, mapping, Gene Ontology analysis, GSEA and ready to use plots and other graphics.

Our portfolio comprises

 RNAseq3’Seq / 3’mRNA-Sequencing / MACE-Seq, exosomal vesicles (EVs),  small RNA, miRNA, micro RNA, PARE, Transcriptomics, De novo Sequencing, SNPs, Copy Number Variations (CNVs) , Genotyping by Sequencing,  Methylation, MethylSeq, Exome Sequencing, qPCRBioinformatics, SMART Breeding, UMI, Molecular Barcodes, ATAC-Seq, Microbiome, Metagenome; Amplicon-Seq, Liquid Biopsy, ctDNA, cfDNA

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Dual Indexing MACE-Kit launched: MACE-UDI

Key Features

  • lower input: down to 0,03ng of total RNA = 3 cells.
  • shorter protocol: library preparation in 3,5 h
  • Ready for HiSeq2000: no more index hopping through dual-indexing
  • UDIs and patented UMIs for most reliable data

Scheme of libraries

NEW Digital qPCR Service(ddPCR)

we are proud owners of a naica® system 6-color Digital PCR from STILLA which allows to  simultaneously quantify up to six targets in a a sample as well as combinations. The system is used for the liquid biopisies, microbiome, transcriptome and many other applications.

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NEW Pippin Prep SERVICE 

Selection of High Molecuar Weight DNA for 3rd Generation Sequencing with Oxford Nanopore® or PacBio® with our new SAGE-Pippin Prep Instrument.

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