Smart Breeding: Faster development of better strains


The new sequencing possibilities have started a new era for breeders. For the first time, important genes for a trait can be identified precisely and at low costs in almost any organism. We use smart DNA and RNA sequencing approaches such as GBS  low pass whole genome sequencing (genome skimming) and MACE-seq and to identify genes for interesting traits and to generate high-resolution genetic maps.

NEW: Fast and cost efficient identification of introgressed genes and transgenes based on long read sequencing and genome skimming

Our experience is documented, mainly in crop-science, in numerous successful collaborations.

We help you to:

  • Identify important genes involved in a trait
  • Find highly co-segregating genetic markers for these genes
  • Establish genetic maps
  • Design ready to use markers
  • identify introgressed genes

Your advantage as breeder:

  • Fast access to relevant information
  • Lowest cost because of focused approaches on the relevant genetic information
  • No prerequisites: no laboratory, no bioinformatics-know how required


  • Fast and cost efficient identification of thousands of  gene-specific markers
  • Identification of introgressed genes
  • Identification of resistance genes
  • Identification of genes responding to biotic or abiotic stress
  • de novo sequencing at highest efficiency using hybrid sequencing
  • Genotyping by sequencing
  • Marker Assisted Selection (MAS)
  • high resolution genome mapping

Download our MACE-based SMART Breeding flyer here


We support your research with our high-throughput DNA- and RNA-sequencing combined with intelligent sample preparation and bioinformatics. Our team of experienced molecular biologists and bioinformaticians guide you competently from project planning up to data analysis. Here we stand out by our experience with variable materials, even at very low quantities.

As sole commercial provider worldwide we involve a technique that excludes PCR artifacts (“TrueQuant”), and delivers quantitatively precise data of e.g. gene expression or microRNAs for the first time. TrueQuant additionally corrects sequencing errors and therefore warrants a reliable definition of polymorphisms for e.g. the development of markers.

Our most highly demanded technique in the field of plant research is the cost-effective, innovative MACE technology for high-resolution analysis of gene expression and simultaneous genotyping, a smart alternative to microarrays and RNA-Seq.

De-novo sequencing and analysis of genomes and transcriptomes

With high quality sequencing on PacBio, Oxford Nanopore and Illumina platforms and state of the art bioinformatics, we have successfully finished numerous projects with non model organisms. Some of which we have depicted below (all pictures from Wikipedia).