From Sequence Reads to Achievements


Our team of bioinformaticians developed sophisticated pipelines to extract every bit of information of your data. Our pipelines consist of rigorous and smart error correction strategies, highly sensitive mapping and annotation steps while prompting the entire available information from all open databases, and a convenient to analyze data output.  We are chosen by leading academic and commercial research units worldwide as partners for data analysis and have successfully contributed to numerous publications. Besides, we have also designed our own web-based and highly accessed analysis tools, available for everyone (omiRas and APADB).

Our web suite navigates you through your own data and connects and compares them with the known data from databases worldwide.

Data can be delivered in all usual formats, the final results typically in a table which can readily be analyzed using Excel. Data is provided conveniently via secured FTP or by shipping of a hard-disk.

Fast access to the actual state of knowledge by comprehensive annotation to all publicly available databases

By constantly evaluating and collecting the available information from the many different open source databases and publications, we have generated a huge knowledge base of functional annotations, which we are constantly feeding with further information. The database is for research use only. We provide fast access to the available clinical information from

  • Variants, CNVs and Fusions
  • Small RNAs
  • Gene expression data
  • Epigenetic data

Machine Learning: Finding what matters in the data jungle!

With the help of advanced machine learning techniques and deep learning we pinpoint  causative players from the myriad of genomic datasets available online and generated in-house.
Our know-how is fundamental for precision medicine and therapeutic decisions, to determine and classify important subsets of genes, mutations or epigenetic changes. We apply our machine-learning expertise also to any other area with similar data structure, such as for metagenomics or for plant breeding.

Genome and Exome

  • SNPs
  • Indels
  • Rearrangements
  • Copy Number Variations (CNVs)
  • Genotyping
  • Generation of linkage maps
  • QTL analyses
  • Genomic Selection


  • Annotation / identification of organisms
  • Annotation to protein databases
  • Quantification of organisms
  • Graphical representation of the data

PCR  Bias Elimination

As inventors of the TrueQuant method, we can identify and eliminate PCR introduced copies and bias, for much better quantification and more reliable mutation calling.

Druggability Analyses / Theranostics

Our unique analyses tool identifies differential regulated transcripts, translates them into biological pathways and identifies in the vast repertoire of existing drugs the ones with the strongest likelihood to intervene in these pathways.

New therapeutic options become visible in a few mouse clicks.

All the information onto which the decision is based are clearly documented and links to the databases, research papers,  drugs and genes are provided for fast and comprehensive information.

Primer design for microbes

We apply algorithms from NGS data analyses pipelines to quickly identify uniqe genetic information,  for example from a species or variant within a microbiome, that we use to design highly specific primer pairs for PCR and qPCR assays.

Any special Requests?

Together with our customers we develop also tailored analysis modules for your specific needs.  Our pipelines are also open for data that was generated independently from us. Please do not hesitate to contact us with special requests or for the interpretation of your own NGS data.

Access to your data and the analysis platform at:

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