GenXPro Solutions for Covid-19

SARS-CoV-2 qPCR Assays and Services for Covid-19

Our qPCR assays are used by large testing facilities and are designed to identify all Variants of Concern in combination with highly sensitive assays for concerved SARS-CoV-2 genetic loci, including the M-Gene.

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Dual-Plex qPCR assay detects the the highly infectious Delta variant (“Indian Variant”), the B.1.617 strain

NEW: Alpha & Delta Variant specific qPCR Assay plus N501Y

Quadplex qPCR assay detects the P681R or P681H (Delta or Alpha) and the del69/70 (Alpha) mutations as well as the N501Y for specific for Alpha, Beta and Gamma VoC. The assay contains also a sampling control or alternatively an internal control (RP).

In order to determine the Beta or Gamma strains or variants that carry the E484K mutation we recommend to perform our follow-up qPCR Assays.



Quad-Plex qPCR assy for dual target  N501Y, del69-70 detection for all VoC and specific for B.1.1.7


Assay for the detection of the E484K mutation involved in immune escape and reinfection.


Quad-Plex qPCR assy for dual target and N501Y detection, specific for all variants of concern (VoC).


CE-labeled triplex qPCR assay targeting the and SARS-CoV-2 N- M- and human RP gene.


Increases safety, conserves the RNA and and helps to extract RNA faster and with higher yield compared to regular viral transfer medium



Coming soon: All-VoC qPCR Assay for Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta determination in a single assay

The assay detects all four VoC specifically  using a combination of drop-out and positive assays to ascertain that every VoC will be detected with at least one positive signal.



From tissue to results- full service or kits for all your samples