ReLy – Viral Lysis & Storage buffer

Increased sensitivity, security and stability and more convenient RNA-extraction for SARS-CoV-2 testing compared to regular viral transfer medium or dry swabs

Left: Sample swabs and tubes containing regular viral transfer medium remain highly infectious even after prolonged incubation. Viral yield is low, resulting in reduced detection sensitivity – often only 10% of the medium is used for the virus detection assay. Overall stability can be limited to  few days at room temperature.

Right: GenXPro’s ReLyTM SAFE Lysis & Storage buffer instantly neutralizes virus particles, rendering them non-infectious, while efficiently stabilizing the viral RNA at the same time. 75% of the buffer is used for the extraction of viral RNA, resulting in superior yield and sensitivity of downstream detection assays. Storage is three-fold improved over conventional buffers, thereby providing high flexibility and reliability of testing. The viral RNA is stable at room temperatures for at least 10 days.

GenXPro’s ReLy SAFE Viral Lysis & Storage buffer provides

  • Increased yield of viral RNA: Highest sensitivity of the overall viral detection assay.
  • Increased security: After the swab is transferred into ReLy buffer, viral particles are neutralized and no longer infectious.  In contrast, tubes containing regular viral transfer media remain highly contagious and need to be handled under appropriate strict security protocols. No safety cabinet is needed when working with samples that are properly transferred inte ReLy buffer.
  • Storage: In contrast to many viral transfer media and dry swabs, viral RNA can reliably be extracted from GenXPro’s ReLy  buffer after 7 days at ambient temperature and even after 18 h at 30°C. If stored at 4°C, RNA can be extracted from GenXPro’s ReLy buffer after at least two weeks and at -20°C or below after a least two months (tests ongoing).
  • Faster RNA-extraction: GenXPro’s ReLy buffer can directly be used for RNA binding and purification using regular RNA-silica columns or magnetic beads after adding 80% EtOH in a 1:1 ratio, making the RNA extraction faster and easier.
  • Easy handling, less contamination:  Unlike the standard 15 ml tubes we provide the buffer in 2 ml tubes. Therefore, only the pipette tips are in contact with the solution and the tube. With many larger tubes tubes, the unprotected pipette shafts are in contact with the tubes which leads to a risk of contamination of other samples.

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