Transcriptomics: Coding and non-coding

rnaNGS has revolutionized the analysis of transcriptomes and delivers information about variants, alleles, mutations, coding and non-coding RNAs and their expression levels in a high precision. As a pionier in the use of  NGS for the analysis of transcriptomes, we are today partners for research groups world wide  for transcriptome analyses of any kind. Our expertise which is constantly improved is manifested in numerous scientific publications.

We offer a full analysis service including sophisiticated bioinformatics for RNA-Seq, MACE (=3’ends) and smallRNAs, so no additional hardware, software or personell is required!

Small amounts ? No problem!

As inventors of the “TrueQuant” method we can recognize  and elminiate PCR-bias in NGS data. We can therefore provide reliable data also from strongly amplified material  such as from single cells oder exososomal cargo.

RNA-Seq is too expensive  ?

We have developed the RNA-Seq variant  “MACE”  that allows to analyse gene epxression, alternative polyadenylation (APA), allele-frequencies and genotyping at only parts of the costs of a regular RNA-Seq analysis but at similar or even better resolution. This allows you to include more biological replicates or simply to analyse more samples- even of entire cohorts or populations.

For further information about our different options for the analysis of coding and non-coding RNA, please follow the links below: