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Biomarkers based on high-resolution nucleic acid analyses in tissue, blood and urine.


We are profiling mRNA, smallRNA (microRNA), non-coding RNA, DNA, methylation of the DNA (epigenetics) and examine specific characteristics of them for high-resolution biomarker identification. Based on the findings, qPCR- or other single- or multigene assays are developed for cost-efficient biomarker analyses.

We develop biomarkers based on:

DNA (Tissue or cfDNA / Liquid Biopsies)

  • Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs) / mutations
  • Copy Number Variations (CNVs)
  • DNA-methylation patterns (epigenetics)


  • differential expression
  • biological pathways
  • gene fusions
  • truncated RNA and Alternative Polyadenylation (APA)

smallRNA (tissue or Exo-RNA = liquid biopsies)

  • differential expression
  • mutations

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