Cancer:  stratification of tumors for individualised precision therapyMedicin_Pharma

Every cancer is unique: it went though numerous evolutionary steps to develop its individual program to resist against natural defense mechnaisms e.g.  apoptosis or the immune response or a treatment. This individual tumor program is encoded by genetic mutations and epigenetic modifications (e.g. C-methylation) and manifests itself in changed proteins, gene epxression and other elements such as small RNAs.

Our techniques allow to decipher the “tumor code” on the genomic, epigenetic and transcriptional level at highest possible-resolution. With the help of high-perfomance computing, we compare the individal tumor data with existing patterns from large databases. By doing this, we can identify from an existing repertoire of drugs, the ones which are most likely to be effective against the biochemical pathways which the tumor is using to survive. For further information, please visit our page dedicated to precision-medicine.

Nucleotide based analyses from liquid biopsies: exosomal cargo and other nucleotide markers

By applying highly sensitive eloborated methods, we obtain nucleotide-based -signatures in the blood or urine, including from exosomes. For this, our  TrueQuant method is of vital importance:  becasue blood-based nucleotide markers are usually only present in very small amounts, they need to be amplified in order to analyze them via NGS. This amplification usually leads to a strong bias and falsified results. Our TrueQuant method allows do eliminate the bias and hence leads to a much higher accuracy. Find more about liquid biopsies here.

Therefore, we are the perfect partner for biomarker detection especially from low amounts of starting matierial.

Drug effects / Pharmacokinetics

our high-resolution transcriptome and methylation analyses are ideally suited for the analyses of drug effects, to monitor changes in gene expression and/or methylation. Becasue of the lower costs of MACE and MethylSeq compared to other techniques and thanks to our TrueQuant method for highly accurate results,  samples can be analyzed in a highly parallelized fashion at low costs and high reliability.

Molecular Tumor Board: Gene Expression AND Mutations

Our combinatory approach of gene expression data and mutations paves the way to more targeted therapies. While most analyses in precision medicine approaches today simply adress somatic mutations of the tumor, we go one large step ahead by identifying also the genes and pathways that the tumor activates to survive. Combining both data sets new standards for knowlege based therapy. Please ask for further information about our molecular tumor board for precision medicine.


we identify biomarkers based on DNA, RNA, smallRNA or methylation based differences in tissue circulating DNA, cells or smallRNA by applying  patented, most accurate and high resolution techniques that work with minute amounts of staring material.


Our analyes are not yet approved for diagnostics and currently for research use only.