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MACE – the Kit!

GenXPRo has forged its 10 years of experience in NGS library production in its MACE kit for 3′ End Sequencing!

The MACE kit is available in a 6x version (miSeq) and a 24x (HiSeq) version and can be combined to analyse 96 or more samples simultaneously.

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MACE in the May edition of SCIENCE

Tosches and Yamawaki et al.  Evolution of pallium, hippocampus, and cortical cell types revealed by single-cell transcriptomics in reptiles

Science  03 May 2018

MACE in the May edition of NEURON

MACE-Seq reveals how 3′ UTRs Modify the Localization, Regulatory Potential, Stability, and Plasticity of mRNAs in Neuronal Compartments

NEURON; Volume 98, Issue 3, p495–511.e6, 2 May 2018

MACE kit comes to Japan

We are glad to announce that we have signed an agreement for the distribution of our MACE kit in Japan with FUNAKOSHI, one of the leading life science traders in Japan.

GenXPro at the “Innovation Days 2016


CEO Dr. Peter WInter presenting the Innovative MACE Technology at the Innovation Days 2016 in Bonn.

GenXPro wins PerMediCon-Award!

We are proud to have received the PerMediCon award 2016 with our Triple-T: Rationalized Tailored Targeted Therapy concept
for personalized kinase

inhibition in cancers!

Drug decision based on gene expression and mutations

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NEW Kit:

GenXPro launches  single tube, gel-free smallRNA kit for as low as 1 ng of total RNA input material.

TrueQuant smallRNA kit

NEW Publications

Precision medicine for hepatocelluar carcinoma using molecular pattern diagnostics: results from a preclinical pilot study –  Cell Death and Disease (2017) 8, e286

NGS-based transcriptome profiling reveals biomarkers for companion diagnostics of the TGF-β receptor blocker galunisertib in HCC.

Impact of individual intravenous iron preparations on the differentiation of monocytes towards macrophages and dendritic cells.




Experts for sample preparation, sequencing and bioinformatics:

Transcriptomics, Genomics, Epigenomics, Metagenomics

Experts for sample preparation, sequencing and bioinformatics:

Transcriptomics, Genomics, Epigenomics, Metagenomics

By combining intelligent sample preparation with latest next generation sequencing methods, we analyse transcriptomes, genomes and epigenomes at highest resolution.

Our service comprises project planning, consulting, sample preparation, sequencing and bioinformatics.

In 2008 we invented “TrueQuant” – applying unique molecule identifiers for PCR bias reduction of NGS data.

Thanks to many years of experience with deep sequencing, we have accumulated vast knowledge in low-bias sample preparation of all kinds of different biological samples and provide appropriate data analyses solutions for all areas of life sciences.

Our team of bioinformaticians apply the most advanced methods and designs individual solutions to handle the data on our powerful CPU clusters in order to provide the optimal analysis pipelines for your data.

Data is delivered in a ready-to-use format and includes quality information, quantification, annotation, mapping, Gene Ontology analysis, plots and other graphics.


Our portfolio comprises:

Precision Medicine, Theranostics, Liquid Biopsy, ctDNA, cfDNA,  Illumina,  RNAseq, deep Sequencing, massively parallel sequencing, 3’Seq, exosomes, small RNA, miRNA, micro RNA, SuperSAGE, MACE, Massive Analysis of cDNA Ends, PARE, Transcriptomics, De novo Sequencing, Assembly, SNPs, Copy Number Variations (CNVs) , RC-Seq (a variant of RADseq), Genotyping by Sequencing, GBS,  Normalisation of cDNA and DNA, CpG Islands, Methylation, MethylSeq, Exome Sequencing, Target enrichment, qPCRBioinformatics, SMART Breeding, Tag-Seq, TagSeq, TrueQuant, UMI, Molecular Barcodes, Target sequencing of Poly-A tags, PATs, ATAC-Seq, Microbiome, Metagenome


Our services and producs are for research use only.