Circulating Free DNA Sequencing Kit

Our kit for NGS library preparation of circulating free DNA (cfDNA) from blood plasma or serum (“Liquid Biopsy”) includes dual indices, TrueQuant-Molecular Barcodes (UMIs) and allows to generate NGS libraries from only 1ng of cfDNA.

The adapters contain either a UMI at the place of the P7 ID (V2) or an additional UMI in front of the P7-ID (V2).

The kits can be applied for the analyses of circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) in plasma or urine (liquid biopsies) or for NIPT and other applications.

liquid biopsy
cfDNA, liquid biopsies

TrueQuant cfDNA Library prep Kit key features

  • Minute amounts of input material: 1 ng of cfDNA
  • PCR bias elimination and error correction through molecular barcodes (TrueQuant)
  • Convenient single tube protocol
  • Dual Index: Up to 384 samples parallel

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cfDNA Sequencing Service

we also offer sequencing and bioinformatics analyses of your cfDNA samples, starting from liquid biopsies or from DNA- or with your raw-data, if only bioinformatics is needed. Please contact us for further information at

Disclaimer: The kit is for research use only.

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