NGS Kits including  TrueQuant technology for PCR-bias removal

MACE-Seq Kit

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  • 3’mRNA-Sequencing / Tag-Seq
  • Unique Molecular Barcodes / Identifiers (= TrueQuant) for PCR bias elimination
  • high resolution gene expression at 10% of sequencing depth compared to RNA-Seq
  • high coverage of 3′ Ends for Alternative Polyadenylation, Allele Specific Gene Expression analysis and molecular markers
  • Analysis of up to 96 samples simultaneous

smallRNA Kit

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  • About 200x more smallRNA molecules per library compared to other methods
  • Ligation bias prevented through highly diverse adapters
  • PCR bias elimination through molecular barcodes (TrueQuant)
  • low input: only 1 ng of total RNA required
  • convenient single tube, gel free protocol
  • Liquid biopsies: smallRNA Seq from minute amounts of plasma, serum or urine


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