TrueQuant: recognize PCR-bias and eliminate it!

In the year 2008 we have invented the „TrueQuant“ method which later became also known as „Molecular Barcoding“ or the use of „Unique Molecular Identifiers“ (UMI),  “SafeSeq” or “DigitalSequencing(TM)”.

With TrueQuant, we label PCR-template molecules prior to their amplification, such that each molecule consists of a unique sequence. This is achieved by incorporating a poly-N nucleotide (the TrueQuant Adapter or “UMI”) to the templates. Ideally, each template molecule can then be identified by its unique combination of the TrueQuant sequence and the template sequence. After PCR amplification, PCR copies can be identified and eliminated from the dataset and hence uneven amplification and artifacts generated during the PCR can be almost completely eliminated.

This is especially important for diagnostics as well as for methods that imply low amounts of starting material, such as in single cell sequencing, laser capture microdissection (LCM) or from liquid and other biopsies including NIPT.

TrueQuant is highly recommended for the analysis of nucleotide populations containing numerous similar sequences, such as smallRNAs, ChIP-Seq tags, Aptamers, RAD-Seq tags or GBS-tags.


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TrueQuant Adapter Kits

TrueQuant adapters can now also be purchased for different applications, including CHiP-seq, Atac-Seq, RAD-Seq methylSeq and many more.

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