Single qPCR Assay  for the determination of all four SARS-CoV-2 Variants of Concern, Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta

What are Variants of Concern ?

Strains with a significant impact on transmissibility, severity and/or immunity that are likely to aggravate the epidemiological situation are considered as Variants of Concern (VoC).

Currently, four variants are considered as VoC: Gamma (P1; “Brazilian”), BETA (B.1351; “South African”), ALPHA (P.1.1.17;  “UK”) and the DELTA P.1.617.2 (“Indian”). All VoC have specific mutations for which we have designed highly specific qPCR assays for a clear distinction of all VoC.

Our SARS-CoV-2 All-VoC qPCR Assay for Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta determination in a single assay

  • Dual Target detection of SARS-CoV-2 and simultaneous VoC determination

  • Detects all four VoCs, ALPHA, BETA, GAMMA and DELTA in a single PCR reaction

  • Highly robust detection assays for deletions present in ALPHA, BETA and Delta as well as for N502Y

Assay Design and Probes SARS CoV-2- All-VoC ABGD qPCR Assay


Results from ABI-7500 -Other qPCR machines with channels for FAM, JOE, ROX and Cy5 can be used

The assay detects all four VoC specifically  using a combination of drop-out and  assays to ascertain that every sample will be detected with at least two positive signals (dual target).


The assay kit is currently for research use only, CE-labeling procedure is ongoing.


Cat. Nr. 031522-ABGD; 96-10.000 reactions




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