Sample-shipping form for RNA and DNA samples

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Unless otherwise agreed on, please ship samples in RNAse-free buffer on dry-ice in parafilm-wrapped and sealed tubes or in screw tubes. Tubes should be firmly placed in an extra container within the dry ice-box. The concentration for the sample should ideally be >100 ng/µl and 1 µg of total RNA, DNAse treated, or of DNA should be provided. The quantification should be performed by flourometric quantification for example by using a Qbit™ instrument.  Please provide as well RNA-traces e.g. from Agilent Bioanalyzer™ or alike or from an agarose gel.

    For customers from EU countries other than Germany, please state your VAT-ID (important for exempt of VAT in accordance with no 9 of Art 6 of VAT)

    Please state Billing address if different from quotation:

    DNAse digested *(for RNA): NoYes
    *DNAse treatment should be performed in solution and not on columns

    RNAse digested (for DNA) NoYes

    Pelleted: NoYes

    Please define Database to which the sample shall be annotated. If no database is stated, NCBI-refseq, ENSEMBL databases or TIGR-gene indices will be used whenever possible.

    Data storage: Data will be stored 6 Month after delivery. Please state if additional storage on an external hard-drive for an additional fee of 125 EUR is required: NoYes

    For gene expression analysis, pairwise comparisons:
    Please define the samples which should be compared in pairwise comparisons using the preferred abbreviations from the above tables. Please note that if not otherwise stated in the quotation, the amount of pairwise comparisons is limited to the amount of samples. Additional comparisons/Analyses can be ordered for 125 EUR each.
    If “in silico” pools of samples shall be compared, please define the pools by parentheses.
    Biological replicates (BR) will be treated using negative binomial statistics in pairwise comparisons for calculations of p-values for differential expression.
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